Friday, 3 February 2006

More fun with numbers

According to World 66, "The Swiss are the most travel savvy people in the world... We have compared the home country of our users with the number of countries they have visited. It appears that the Swiss have visited an average of 23 different countries followed by the Greeks and the Belgians with 22.The least traveled people? The Americans. The average US World66 user visited just 11 different countries. But of course, the US is big."

Here are the top 10 countries in World 66's Globetrotter Index:

1. Switzerland 24
2. Greece 23
3. Belgium 23
4. United Arab Emirates 22
5. Thailand 21
6. South Africa 21
7. Egypt 21
8. Denmark 21
9. Netherlands 21
10. Austria 21

Well, it is probably easier to visit more countries when merely driving a couple of hours in any direction lands you in a different country. But it is interesting that even a travel website equates "home country of our users" with their NATIONALITY! Both Switzerland and Belgium are home to international organisations (UN, NATO, EU..) and therefore to large populations of expatriates, who are particularly prone to international travel. However, I don't know why a particularly large proportion of residents in Greece would be inclined to travel to a large number of countries (perhaps the relatively recent creation of so many Balkan countries might have something to do with it?) and also to register with the World 66 website!


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