Friday, 27 January 2006

Mannekin Mozart

As I mentioned the other day, it's Mozart's birthday today, and google's logo of the day is in his honour:
So I trotted downtown to see if the Mannekin Pis, one of the best-known (unfortunately) symbols of Brussels was dressed in his honour, and sure enough, he was!

I had to pass by all the tourist shops, some of which have multiple representations of the Mannekin in all sizes, from corkscrews and bottle openers to drinks dispensers....

while others sell delicious Belgian chocolates, and have chocolate fountains in operation in their windows:

No I didn't stop to taste it... too busy hurrying home, it is COLD in Brussels today.


At 28/1/06 03:36, Blogger Green said...

I am wondering how many clothes this Mannekin Pis's a cute idea!
Is this Mannekin Pis in Brussels an equivalence of Eiffel tower in Paris?

At 28/1/06 10:50, Blogger qaminante said...

He has over 600 (one source says 2000!) outfits, and they used to put up a rota on the railings so you would know what he was wearing when but that seems to have disappeared now.
In a way he is like the Eiffel Tower because of being a symbol of the city - the other is the Atomium - but he is much older (the present statue dates from the 17th century and there is supposed to have been one as early as the 14th), and of course smaller, being no more than about 2 feet tall!

At 30/1/06 04:34, Blogger miki said...

I saw this google's logo. It means Mozart'birthday! Thank you.


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