Sunday, 22 January 2006

5 weird habits

Dakota has tagged me to list 5 weird habits of mine, so here they are:

1) When concentrating, I tend to put my upper teeth over my lower lip - which doesn't do my lipstick much good on the rare occasions when I wear it.

2) I can't resist stationery shops and have a huge collection of blank notebooks - and yet I never seem to have one with me when I want to write something down.

3) I'm always losing things and sometimes have to take strange measures to secure them. After having to get my bus pass replaced twice last year, I bought one of those holders that is supposed to hang round your neck, but mine lives in a pocket of my backpack, with the cord tied to a ring on the outside, so that I can show it to the busdriver but not drop it - or put it back in the wrong place!

4) In a similar sort of vein, I used to lock myself out of my apartment a lot and when I had a car, several times locked it with the keys inside - including once while I was visiting the duty-free shop at Calais and the car was in the queue for the hovercraft...

5) I never, ever pass on chain letters, chain jokes or those lists of inspirational messages that end with the suggestion that you send them to a certain number of people, so won't be tagging anyone else - but if you want to play anyway, consider yourself tagged!


At 22/1/06 06:16, Blogger boo said...

i do #1 alot too :) nice list.

At 22/1/06 12:34, Blogger Dakota said...

Surprise, surprise……You do have some quirky habits :)

Great list….I love it!

At 6/2/06 14:32, Blogger wanderingthinker said...

#2 and #3 are quite common to me, too! I even don't know why I like stationery so much, because I write with my hands only on really rare occasions.

But notebooks are an absolute must, I'm a Moleskine addict., therefore I have on in every single jacket and bag I have. I have always one at hand, if I want to write something down. But this decentralized approach makes it difficult, to find a certain note, if I have to look something up ;-)

I like that meme, it shows that I'm not the only one with quirky habits...


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