Friday, 13 January 2006

L'ascenseur des Marolles

I don't know quite why, as it isn't the most exciting ride in the world, and doesn't even have a brilliant view, but I am always pleased to find an excuse to use this lift (elevator) between the upper and lower towns in Brussels. So this morning when I was in the area, of course I decided I had to take the bus that runs along the street below it.

Place de Breughel l'Ancien (Breughel the elder Square), Marolles


At 14/1/06 05:18, Blogger Green said...

This idea of the lift sounds like a good idea.
I don't think I've seen before...

At 14/1/06 06:36, Blogger Luz said...

Yes, ditto on what greensleaves said and interesting indeed.


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