Saturday, 7 January 2006

Mozart's balls

It's Mozart year, 250 years after his birth in Salzburg (1756), and I must recommend the Talk About Mozart website designed by the husband of a friend of mine, who is an Austrian artist and photographer called Walter Mirtl. Unfortunately his design makes me feel hungry because he has used some very realistic images of chocolate Mozartkugeln (Mozart balls)! I'm still looking for an occasion to take a Mozart-related photo to post there - I gather the Manneken Pis (symbol of Brussels, unfortunately) has a Mozart outfit among the several hundred in his wardrobe, so I will go and check whether he is wearing it on 27 January, which is Mozart's birthday.


At 9/1/06 06:24, Blogger Green said...

I found the work of Walter Mirtl very unique!
The image of Mozart balls..hmmm..looks so delicious.


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