Saturday, 17 December 2005

Ooh, snow!

And aren't we all
"like snowflakes falling in the river,
one moment bright, then lost for ever".....?


At 17/12/05 18:46, Blogger Green said...


At 18/12/05 13:38, Blogger Luz said...

A happy winter blue!

At 19/12/05 05:07, Blogger Jo aka SeaRabbit said...

Really love your images... First time here and very amazed by your trips..;-) Will add you to blog list, if you agree... My blog is about a mental illnes called PTSD and my relationship that is into Dominance and submission... what included some sexual content... Please write to me to let me know if you agree or not... I know it can be sensitive case, but I would like to share your place with other... because after all, sex isn't all we do in life..;-)


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