Tuesday, 3 January 2006

Time to get organised

I'm not normally one for New Year Resolutions because I know very well I will forget about them within days - but this year things really do have to change. I just spent an entire day, on and off, searching for my 2006 season ticket for travel on the Brussels public transport system, which I very efficiently renewed by post well before the new year and then put in a very safe place. It eventually turned up among my paid bills, which makes some sort of sense I suppose. I was hoping that while looking, I would come across a letter I have to take with me to the translation exam I am taking on (I think!) 18 January - and which seems to have vanished into thin air, even though I know I saw it lying around just before Christmas. I have also mislaid one of the 3 key-cards I was issued with when my building's locks were changed this year, which is probably lying around under a pile of papers somewhere. Life would be so much easier if I put things where they should be and didn't have to waste so much time and energy hunting for them!
I already have quite a few things about getting organised in my "43 Things" list, it only remains to make them a higher priority - and actually do them!


At 4/1/06 02:04, Blogger Green said...

I thought you are talking about me.
Exactly same as you...good luck with your exam!


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