Sunday, 15 January 2006

Ducks on ice

I rather like the sunflare in this, even if it shouldn't be there!


At 15/1/06 21:50, Blogger Dakota said...

Fantastic photos :)

At 16/1/06 01:38, Blogger Green said...

It looks like the right part of the top photo, there is some ice on the surface. Correct? The sun light effect makes this photo even more beautiful.
And I've never seen ducks standing on the ice like this.
Cute and interesting!

At 16/1/06 09:26, Blogger qaminante said...

Yes, there is ice on the surface - I was surprised as we have been enjoying some lovely sunshine lately, but presumably it is still cold enough at night for these ponds to stay partly frozen. I was sorry for the poor ducks with their bare feet!


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