Wednesday, 25 January 2006

D-Day (D for Depression)

Miki's last post lists things she does to overcome depression. I rather need this today as I had my purse stolen - two girls seemed to be sticking close to me in a drugstore: while I was reading labels on shampoos they needed to look at shampoos and when I went to look at something else, one of them bobbed up again by my side. I found it a bit strange, but when they left the shop I thought nothing of it - until I found my bag unzipped and realised that they had removed my purse, which I had stupidly left on the top! So now I am depressed due to my own stupidity - although luckily thanks to having my purse stolen some years ago in the metro, I no longer keep anything but money in there, and money is at least the most replaceable thing. Anyway, this is what I actually did:
*Eat mango yoghurt
*Eat another mango yoghurt
*Go for a walk in the park, although it was more like a stomp because I was so cross with myself
*Buy new magazines
*Read new magazines
*Try to do sudoku puzzles
*Clear up the kitchen
*Tell someone they are wrong (in response to yet another urban legend e-mailed to me as a warning, this time about lead in lipsticks)
*Read blogs to see what sort of a day other people have had
*Have a long hot bubble bath (OK I haven't done this yet but I am going to).

Tomorrow I might take myself to the Cercle d
es Voyageurs.

PS And now I find that according to this article in the Washington Times, my depressing day is 2 days late!


At 25/1/06 19:36, Blogger miki said...

Hi,Qaminante-san.Thank you for coming to my blog.I can imagine your feelings. In japan we think that salt has a effect of purification. For example,after attending a funeral,before entering a house, we throw salt each other. And also some salt in bath is good for our skin. I propse that you use some salts(not too many) when you take your bath.
It means "Bye-Bye Bad things!". I hope you'll be happy!

At 26/1/06 03:55, Blogger Green said...

Yes, you need to get out from your depression.
My wallet was stolen from my purse which was half opened in the metro in Paris, too. ( How stupid I was!)
I noticed it when I tried to pay for something at the shop, it was so embarassing.
I put everything there. Does it often happen in Brussels? It seems to be very unusual that it happened in the drug store. How dare they are!!

At 26/1/06 04:10, Blogger Luz said...

Sorry to hear about your woes! That bites! I've had it happen to me once.

At 26/1/06 10:26, Blogger qaminante said...

Thanks all for commiserations. Yes, Greensleeves, Brussels is rather like Paris in this respect, I've had my purse/wallet taken out of my pocket or bag 3 times now, although I suppose over a period of 25 years this is not too bad, and at least it did not involve violence. Also in this particular case I blame my own stupidity - although not as much as those rude and horrible girls!

At 26/1/06 23:15, Blogger Lori said...

I'm sorry to hear about your stolen purse. I would be very angry and upset, too!

Sudoku is rather addicting, isn't it?


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