Sunday, 22 January 2006

World of books

According to St. Augustine, "The world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page" - but it might also be said, a book is a world, and those who don't read are stuck in the "here and now"! This past week I have visited ancient Rome and Egypt, in the concluding book of Conn Iggulden's series about Julius Caesar, Emperor; a fantasy land, which is really +/- 16th century Japan, in Lian Hearn's Tales of the Otori ; modern California with the latest in Sue Grafton's Kinsey Millhone series; and I'm still dipping into and out of England and America in a collection of short stories by Peter Ho Davies - and all without moving (much) from Brussels! Where to next, I ask myself?

In the meantime, it's a grey old day here in Brussels but I did force myself out to a nearby park. Just love those trees!


At 23/1/06 04:36, Blogger boo said...

love the lichen on the trees. nice pics, thanks for sharing :)

At 23/1/06 11:01, Blogger Dakota said...

Nature’s art makes a great painting :) Lovely trees!

At 24/1/06 05:45, Blogger Mridula said...

The pictures of the trees are captivating and I recently read a book 'The Gringo Trail' that took a peek at South America. I liked the book.

At 26/1/06 04:05, Blogger Luz said...

Nice pics of the trees. The "world of books" thought is interesting.


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