Monday, 23 January 2006

Graffiti poets

Cryptic poetry from the ladies' toilet in a nearby shopping centre:

Which would seem to mean something like (free translation, in the original all the lines rhyme):

She's been found.
Who? Eternity.
It's the sea, gone away
with the sun.

And on another wall it said:

J'aime tes yeux
mais je préfère les miens
car sans eux je ne pourrais
voir les tiens

I love your eyes,
but I prefer mine,
for without them I
could not see thine.

A better class of graffiti than most!


At 24/1/06 02:20, Blogger Green said...

Nice poem! Sometimes people can be more creative in the loo.

At 4/2/06 20:58, Blogger Antoine Cassar said...

If I'm not mistaken, those are the first few lines of a poem by Rimbaud.

At 4/2/06 22:55, Blogger qaminante said...

So I am told ("L'éternité"), and the other is apparently a Chinese proverb.


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