Saturday, 4 February 2006

Balls in Brussels

The other symbol of Brussels, the Atomium, was built for the 1958 World Fair, and is currently being renovated, having the aluminium plates on the spheres replaced by shiny new ones. From my apartment I can see it shining on the horizon, on a clear day - although at the moment we aren't having many clear days, the continuing cold weather is causing pollution to be trapped in the city.

I once read a fascinating article about one of the specialist workers who does this sort of high-rise work, crawling all over the structure on ropes. It's a very athletic activity, and apparently there aren't that many of these people around.

The renovation work was supposed to be finished by "early 2006" but the Atomium doesn't exactly look likely to be re-opening any time soon!

Stop press: it re-opened on 18 February!


At 5/2/06 17:27, Blogger Green said...

It is very interesting, so this must be a symbol of Brussels.
You are lucky to be able to see it from your apartment. At night it must be beautiful!

At 5/2/06 21:21, Blogger qaminante said...

Actually I am not sure I can see it at night, I have never looked (it's not directly in front of my window, I have to look over the back balcony to see it)! I can't check at the moment as it isn't lit up during the renovations, and anyway it is foggy here right now. In the summer I can see it quite well during the day, though very small as it is some way way, because of the sun glinting on the silver skin. But from close by, it is indeed beautiful when lit up, when it re-opens I shall have to go and take its photo at night.

At 6/2/06 05:58, Blogger Green said...

I want this one in front of my house!


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