Monday, 20 March 2006

Big bang in Brussels

After our disappointment regarding the Japanese drumming (taiko) group "Kodo" that was on in Antwerp last month, The Wiz and I were happy to find another peforming this evening in Brussels. It is called Osaka Dadada Dan Tenko - which the local cultural centre managed to transform into "the troupe was formed by Osaka Dadada and Dan Tenko"! The show, which also features the dancer Isaya Mondori, is touring Belgium and the Netherlands under the name Maido Maido, which the programme says means "thank you" in the Osaka dialect - although it seems from this that that's not quite the whole story!

Anyway, it was most energetic and also very funny, for example at one point the curtain rises only to about knee height and you see 2 arms beating drumsticks on the stage itself - and then the arms separate and move to the far sides of the stage... I wasn't quite as taken with the dancing but the drummers are enormously impressive (and have fantastic muscles).


At 21/3/06 16:07, Blogger Dakota said...

This is kind of funny. Some of my friends saw this show just a couple of weeks ago and they can’t stop talking about the separating arms (and muscles) :)

At 23/3/06 18:25, Blogger miki said...

"Kodo(鼓童)"!!! I wanted to see their play these days,so yesterday I just searched the day and place which they are playing now! Exciting! They came from Sadogashima (
(island) which my grandmother was born. Sadogashima was famous for a goldmine in past days.


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