Tuesday, 14 March 2006


Belgium has 3 official languages - French, Dutch and German - and Brussels is officially bilingual French-Dutch, even if the French-speakers predominate. It is partly to avoid having to choose between French and Dutch, or using both, that you often see signs etc. in English - but sometimes of a rather odd variety! I presume the author of the poster about clearing up after your dog (in fact, speaking as a dog proposing to educate his master on this subject) has never visited America and been asked if he wanted to save some of his meal for later...


At 15/3/06 03:54, Blogger Green said...

I thought they speak only French in Belgium.
It's good to know that they have 3 official languages!
This doggy poster is so funny!

At 15/3/06 13:07, Blogger Dakota said...

They are very innovative in Belgium…..I’ve never heard of a Take-in :) Funny dog poster!

At 19/3/06 16:10, Blogger bibliobibuli said...

doggy bag - brilliant!


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