Tuesday, 28 February 2006

Tonight in Brussels

Cold. Wet.
Half-snowing, half-raining.

Please let it be Spring soon......!


At 1/3/06 10:21, Blogger irina said...

longing for spring... here in the UK it's snowing and it's so cold that I wouldn't let a dog out... yesterday it rained a lot and there were so many puddles that it was almost depressing.

At 1/3/06 14:31, Blogger Dakota said...

It's cold, it's snowing.....bring on the spring. I can't wait :)

At 1/3/06 14:56, Blogger miki said...

Lights are orange. It makes a little bit warm? In Tokyo especially Christmas season,there are lot of blue lights.It made more cold!

At 1/3/06 16:28, Blogger boo said...

those are bootiful silhouettes though

At 2/3/06 12:15, Blogger Stu said...

Lovely photos - especially the first. I'm definitely ready for spring, too. The sun is warm when it comes through the window at home, but it's still not warm outside.


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