Friday, 17 March 2006

Lice, damned lice and statistics?

I'm greatly amused by the expression "spreading like wildlife" instead of "spreading like wildfire", reported here - although sadly it seems there are so many occurrences, it may be becoming the norm. However, I had a "wildlife" moment myself the other day when I noticed a video in a friend's house that appeared, thanks to the placement of a label, to be called "Lice in Wonderland". Must have been a lousy film!


At 18/3/06 16:00, Blogger missher said...

Hi Qaminante,
Thanks so much for leaving your kind and encouraging comments in my blog.Appreciate it.Its nice to have a foreign friend writing in.
You've got lovely pictures.
Please take care and God Bless!

Wendy (Singapore)


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