Sunday, 12 February 2006

Balls on the horizon

The murky weather cleared up just a little yesterday so I can prove that I can see the Atomium from my apartment - just about, I must admit it is necessary to hang out of my bedroom window sideways, to look toward the North!

Brussels has an endearing habit of handing spaces that are due for renovation/reconstruction over to artists for temporary use. Yesterday I passed by a building downtown that used to be a department store, and found it is currently showing an art installation in the old shop windows. I thought the coloured lights were fun, not so sure about the use of bits of animals like the elephant's trunk - there was also a window with chimpanzees running amok in a classroom, lit in red. The funny thing is that the artist's name, "Fourtou" could be taken to mean "cram everything in" (fourre-tout), which almost describes his style.


At 12/2/06 23:03, Blogger Stu said...

That's a great idea - there are a whole bunch of shops round here with no contents... I wonder what it would take to do the same.

At 13/2/06 06:03, Blogger Green said...

I wish I could keep one of Foutou's giraffe in my living room. What kind of mixed media, do you think?
I can see some kind of fablic around its neck.

At 13/2/06 09:36, Blogger qaminante said...

They never say anything more than "mixed media" but some of the animals are so realistic I thought they must be real ones, stuffed! He may be using natural animal hair for some of them, not sure about the giraffes though - perhaps some sort of acrylic material.
Stu, what it would take is interesting the local city hall, this particular exhibition is proudly sponsored by Brussels City itself. They would have been closely involved with this particular building because it is being turned into a casino but I don't know how they find out about others which are privately owned, or how they decide which artists to invite to use them. I like this practice, though, it prevents urban blight (which is no doubt why they do it) and exposes people to things they would never have gone to see in galleries.


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