Friday, 13 April 2007


Didn't get around to posting about this show a few months ago, partly because I wasn't able to take any photos that did it justice; but now that it is on again in Brussels the organisers have sent me some, which is very nice of them! I've been a tango aficionado(/a?) since seeing a demonstration in the Argentinian pavillion at Expo 92 in Seville - but only for watching, despite an abortive attempt with L. at learning how to do it. I don't think my legs work the same way as those of Argentinian ladies!

I also found a great video of this show on YouTube but it has been driving me mad attempting to post it here - first YouTube said there was a problem because of the upgrade to Blogger2; and indeed, this has changed everyone's user name to their e-mail address; then I tried to edit video posting details in You Tube to my new blogger/google user name, but realised that my e-mail address was too long for the box; after much searching, it appears google account user name can only be an e-mail address, so the only way to get a shorter one is to change addresses! So then I created a gmail account which google automatically made my new blogger user name, and this is (again) short enough for YouTube. However, no matter what I do to change this in YouTube, when I try to post a video it keeps telling me the blogger user name/password is incorrect or I don't have access to the blog in question. And I don't think I made a mistake typing my password. Anyway, I give up, I'll have to give links instead. Apparently google/blogger don't tango with YouTube!


At 14/4/07 07:22, Blogger b o o said...

blogger is stupid.

anyhoo, i don't dance. i'm all left feet and thumbs.

maybe i am weird after all :-]

p/s those pics are bootifully sexxy


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