Tuesday, 27 March 2007


I spent nearly an hour on the metro this afternoon examining (in the reflection in the window, didn't want him to think I was strange or anything..) a Luscious Young Man aged about 20, and was just wondering, why weren't there any such LYMs around when I was that age, or was I just too busy trying to get a degree/job/career to notice, or did I deliberately not notice because I was not myself a Luscious Young Woman? Given that I am, surprisingly enough, old enough to be the mother of a 20 year-old (in fact I was trying to work out whether I was also old enough to be the grand-mother of a 20 year-old, which would be possible only if both self and child had been extremely and rather unnaturally precocious) I was also wondering what it would be like to have a son that age, having flown or (more likely in Belgium, where students tend to live at home,) soon likely to fly the nest.
Anyway, while I was musing on these interesting subjects, and LYM was alternately playing with his MP3 player and sending text messages on his mobile phone, he took a call and his side of the conversation went something like "Ja hallo, ça va, ça va, ja OK, ça va, nee niets, ça va, OK, see you, ciao." From which I concluded that he was a Dutch speaker, but that in Brussels at least "ça va" (it's fine, in French) is perfectly acceptable Dutch, and that "see you" (or perhaps more likely "CU") is making it into the international lexicon just as OK and ciao have become globalized.

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At 28/3/07 03:17, Blogger b o o said...

LYM *yum*

speaking of which, i'm old enough to be my intern's (at work) mom. her name is michelle, she's 18 and she calls me mommy :) too cute ja?

At 19/4/07 22:44, Blogger MyriamC said...

Your blog made me smile ... I have a son that age, a little older even (24). Although he's Dutch speaking I hear 'ça va' all the time when he's on the phone with his friends. Just as 'ciao' and 'bye'. The young folks are very international these days. ;-)

MyriamC (aka Amboseli)


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