Monday, 12 March 2007

Back from Blighty (again)

OK so I decided to go with the new Blogger for now, we'll see how that goes. And as I'm off again soon, to Italy, I thought I'd better post about my trip to London which was a couple of weeks ago already. Had a great time shopping, eating and catching up with S., can't say I managed much of a cultural nature but you can't have everything!

Chinatown still dressed for Chinese New Year.

A little break from culture at the V&A...

My favourite bookshop, Daunt's in Marylebone High Street.

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At 13/3/07 11:59, Blogger b o o said...

i love chinatown :)

At 3/4/07 10:18, Blogger Miki said...

This bookshop looks like a library´╝ü

At 7/4/07 13:52, Blogger bibliobibuli said...

i love daunts!!!!!!!

it's my favourite london bookshop anmd i have to make a pilgrimage there every time i'm home


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