Sunday, 28 January 2007

Nothing to declare

Last year ended on a high with my trip to Italy, so of course this one has started on something of a low, with the unexpected death of a friend's husband. Then a typhoon passed through my 10th floor apartment breaking doors and windows. The windows company couldn't come for 9 days (another company I tried couldn't come for a month!), I had to abandon my open french windows for a few hours to sit an exam - and wasn't THAT fun! - and the rain got in, so now I have undulating parquet. But at least the internal door that came off its hinges - smashing a small display case on the way - is the right size to cover the broken back door until I can get it seen to. It is cold, Stu's blog has disappeared, and I still miss Midori/Greensleeves who gave up hers some months ago. Last night I had a not very nice meal in a not very nice restaurant with some friends whose conversation depressed me (is everyone but me trying to find a partner via the internet?) and this afternoon I set out to see a performance by my friend's daughter's dance class but the tram stopped half-way there "for technical reasons" and no replacement ever came, so I had to come home. I went via the "night shop", for consolation, but couldn't even find any chocolate I like so had to make do with cake! OK, next time I'll try to find something nice to blog about. Or maybe just a nice photo.


At 29/1/07 08:23, Blogger b o o said...

oh dear, i hope you all well. btw, i found stu!

At 29/1/07 10:16, Blogger qaminante said...

Hi boo, yes i'm well which in the end is all that counts. Thanks for the link to stu!

At 29/1/07 15:24, Blogger Dakota said...

Oh, you already got the link to Stu :)
I hope it will cheer you up (a bit). Take care Qaminante, I hope all problems will be solved soon!

At 29/1/07 18:38, Blogger Sabine said...

oh dear... if ever there is a reason to stop feeling sorry for myself, it is after reading your post... hope your luck gets better soon!!!

At 2/2/07 16:33, Blogger Mridula said...

This too shall pass :) Cheer up.


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