Wednesday, 21 March 2007

Macaroon Day

Yesterday 20 March was the 2nd "Jour du Macaron" as decreed by the association "Relais Desserts International", and like his confrère Pierre Hermé in Paris, the famous Brussels patissier Wittamer was offering free macaroons as well as selling 2 new ones for charity: these were a savoury one made with spring carrots and rosemary (apparently Fabrice Collignon makes foie gras macaroons - think I'll pass on these) , and a sweet one made with raspberries and wild strawberries that sounds delicious. Unfortunately, I missed the event but I'll be prepared next year! I don't have an illustration to offer (yet) but the Ladurée site does.
Apparently America has a National Macaroon Day on 31 May.


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