Saturday, 24 March 2007


The weather in Brussels is cold, grey and drizzly, I wish I was back in Italy! So here are some photos of Lago d'Iseo/Monte Isola, from last week's trip.
I heard - or rather, saw in the French subtitles as I can't understand great wodges of spoken Turkish yet- a great quote in a Turkish film I saw yesterday, which went something like "one trip away from home makes you a traveller for all time".

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At 25/3/07 10:08, Blogger Luz said...

Love this last photo. Ever heard of Howard Behrens? That photo reminds me of one of his art pieces. I have visited Italy but not the coast--next time!

At 25/3/07 13:58, Blogger qaminante said...

You don't need to go to the coast, this was at a lake (Iseo) near Brescia, not far from Milan. But I can recommend Naples and the Amalfi coast for your next visit to Italy!


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