Thursday, 12 April 2007

How Bendy is Your Banana?

Stu's recent musings on bananas remind me that I haven't yet mentioned a new gadget I acquired on my last trip to London, called a "banana guard". Its usefulness has so far proved limited because:

a) I haven't actually needed to carry any bananas around recently, and
b) my bananas seem to be either a bit too bendy or not quite bendy enough to fit, here I have had to squooch the stalk a bit to get it in the box.

Although, the box is designed with quite a long straight bit, to accommodate straighter or bendier bananas, depending on which EU standards they meet... even if much of what is said on that subject stems from another euro-myth.


At 12/4/07 17:28, Blogger Stu said...

They need to make some sort of French-curve banana guard.

At 14/4/07 17:42, Blogger Monkey said...

Boo sent me over here to see this.

I must say, that banana guard seems to have achieved the pinnacle of uselessness.

Now... a symmetrical Christmas Tree... that is something that keeps me up at night.

At 14/4/07 18:22, Blogger qaminante said...

Stu - what is French about a French curve, I wonder?
Monkey - you must be a banana expert, but as I see you often ask people to "send bananas", wouldn't it be useful for them to use a "banana guard" to send them in? Well, to send one in...


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