Sunday, 2 April 2006

Spring is sprung

You know it's Spring when....

* the Spring flowers are out

* the pigeons are courting (unfortunately)

* the cafés in Place du Luxembourg put out their chairs

* the terrace cafés fill up all over town

* the tourists are out in force

* the chocolate shops have Easter eggs in the windows

It must be Spring! Yes I know it is supposed to have started on 21 March but it hasn't felt like it till now.


At 2/4/06 00:57, Blogger Stu said...

Hurrah! Same here.

Although, right on cue, the April showers have started. It was chucking it down for about an hour then suddenly and with no warning, the sky went completely blue with not a cloud visible. Amazing!

At 3/4/06 04:36, Blogger Green said...

I am so attracted by Belgium Easter chocolate!!
Looks so yummy!


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