Monday, 27 March 2006

One day I'll fly away....

In the meantime, I'm playing the tourist in my own town: I live in the tallest and ugliest building in this picture, but had never been on the top of the Cinquantenaire arch before!


At 29/3/06 18:16, Blogger Green said...

So your building is the tallest on the left?
You must have a nice view!
The detail of Cinquantenaire arch is soo.. beautiful.

At 30/3/06 09:59, Blogger qaminante said...

Yes, that's me. I like the view, being on the top floor, but it is mostly of buildings (and these days, of cranes), although the forest is just visible on the horizon.

At 30/3/06 14:31, Blogger miki said...

So beautiful view. I want a big sky in Tokyo,too!


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