Saturday, 1 April 2006

Note to self

When I was at school, it was a common punishment to be made to write "100 lines" e.g. "I must not be late for school" x 100 - these days I suppose we would call these positive - or negative - affirmations! Of course I don't remember being punished this way myself... but I think perhaps I ought to start writing:
I must not buy any more books
I must not buy any more books
I must not buy any more books
I REALLY must not buy any more books.... (for now!)

Picture is of the Galerie Bortier in Brussels, the arcade of the "bouquinistes" - can't think what I was doing in there!


At 1/4/06 22:58, Blogger Green said...

I know this feeling, I also buy a lot of books whenever I go to a Japanese book shop.
My eyes are bigger than my stomach.
So, as a result, I have stack of unread books beside my bed like a high building.

At 2/4/06 16:20, Blogger miki said...

Oh,me too.

At 3/4/06 23:33, Blogger Sabine said...

I never can buy enough books... That'll be the last thing I'd deny myself. I rather go without internet!!


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