Wednesday, 3 May 2006

Pretty in Pink

I've lived in apartments since age 19 and never hankered after a house, and yet there is something about cute little houses that appeals to my little English soul! I am therefore very fond of these garden cities ("Le Logis" and "Floréal") designed in the 1920s in a semi-English style.


At 4/5/06 10:53, Blogger miki said...

It seems to be a comfortable place to live for me,too. Lovely petit castle...

At 4/5/06 13:39, Blogger Dakota said...

Wow.... this really is a beautiful place :)

At 4/5/06 17:01, Blogger Green said...

Very seduative pink color!
We have a similar cherry tree in front of our gym.
Looking at it, I wonder why the flowers first and then the leaves later. Normally plants start from leaves, flowers and fruits, don't they??


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