Monday, 24 April 2006


My friend M. recently asked me why people blog: she thinks 99% of blogs are deeply uninteresting and that their authors are basically megalomaniacs. As it happens I was already thinking about this because Sabine just asked the same question - but Friday's Economist has more-or-less answered it for me! As the article says, there are as many reasons as there are blogs but in my case:
- because I can, especially having a broadband internet connection and a digital camera - I had been reading other people's blogs for months, then started using the blogging software to resize photos, from there to actually creating a blog was only a tiny step. It's taught me a lot about IT stuff, I've even struggled with html code (largely failing, as you can see from that bright blue box on the right, which I can't change without altering the colour of the one below, which happens to be the way I wanted it..);
- because it's fun! I prefer typing to writing by hand, so I like this better than a journal, also because I can put photos in it, and link to content elsewhere on the web;
- because it links me into a worldwide community of bloggers, some of whom comment on my ramblings, and whose own thoughts set me thinking about things I might comment on myself;
- because I don't know where else to put those things I want to comment on, but can't remember to tell everyone I meet, or even remember myself beyond a week: it might be a cute cat I saw in a shop window, or a pretty building, or a funnily translated menu, or just something I thought or heard and wanted to record.
Not that I have anything interesting to bring anyone today, except the worst music video of all time which you can see here.


At 24/4/06 01:51, Blogger Green said...

The main reason of my blogging was that I wanted to improve my writing skill in English and Japanese.
And instead of writing in my notebook, I thought being in the public would give me more tension to polish my writing. It's true for painting, too, I guess.
Secondary, improving my computer skill which I am not so good at. Now I can even change my background color!!

Also through our blogging, I've learned a lot of things. And my curiosity is growing more and more....I really appreciate those bloggers who gave me a new idea or an information includes you.
Anyway I love to be in this border-less neighborhood!
Let's keep going!!

At 24/4/06 04:57, Blogger Green said...

By the way, this worst music video made me laugh.
Weired, mismatched dancing but I have to tell you
that this song is very familier to me.
We have very similar melody line in some Japanese songs which we call "Enka". Normally we can hear those in the old drinking places.
And I was rather surprised that they were 80's American song?

At 24/4/06 09:26, Blogger Dakota said...

Wow, that video is weird, horrendous, wonderful and hilarious at the same time. Great find!

My reasons for blogging are very similar to yours. I have broadband too and instead of aimlessly surfing the web I wanted to try something different. I had heard a lot about blogging so I gave it a try and surprise, surprise I enjoy it very much. It’s fun! Oh and I had way to much time on my hands, maybe that’s a reason too :)

I enjoy your blog (and the comments you leave on other blogs) very much Qaminante. Your blog is interesting, funny and I like your style. Keep up the good work!

At 25/4/06 08:27, Blogger boo said...


At 26/4/06 17:07, Blogger miki said...

For me,to link me into a worldwide community of bloggers,this is a reason of my blooging. One of my dream is to make a freind in every country!


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