Thursday, 6 April 2006

Lost in translation

I love this site - I really must get around to re-loading my Windows software so I can read characters in text!


At 6/4/06 11:10, Blogger Stu said...

Great link!

I often find myself telling trendy cafés and shops that their fancy chinese character art is upside down :)

At 6/4/06 17:19, Blogger Green said...

It's funny!
When I was in London, a boy who worked in a cafe showed his tatoo on his back very proudly when he brought coffee for me.
Anyway the character of "Love",
”愛”(Chinese character)was sooo streched and disformed..made me laugh but I was polite enough not to burst into laughter.
He said he got a tatoo for his girlfriend. I hoped his girlfriend was not a Japanese or Chinese..
However I also found that Japanese T-shirt has funny usage of English.


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