Thursday, 20 April 2006

Gadding about in Gharyan

Gharyan, on a plateau about 800m above Tripoli in the Jebel Nafusa or Western Mountans, is visited for two reasons: pottery and underground Berber homes (see pic in Sunday's post), similar to those you can see at Matmata in Tunisia, where Monty Python's "Life of Brian" was filmed (as was "Star Wars").

I was interested to note that one of the pots on offer was effectively a "tandoor", used in Libya for bread-making in just the same way as it is to make naan bread in India. In fact, it seems from the Wikipedia article that the word "tandoor" originates from Arabic, which I hadn't known..


At 21/4/06 11:11, Blogger boo said...

bootiful pots :)

At 21/4/06 17:58, Blogger Green said...

Oh, my god!
I would love to, no I would looove to get those pottery.
Did you get some?

At 22/4/06 00:06, Blogger qaminante said...

No I didn't buy any, I always hanker after the huge ones that I can't get home and would have nowhere to put if I did. So for once I was rather sensible - although I am fairly certain you can find similar pots here in Brussels anyway, especially the "tajines" (we have quite a large Moroccan community).

At 22/4/06 02:29, Blogger Green said...

Wow! A large Moroccan community!?
Actually I try to make my house more like a Moroccan style. There is something which makes very comfortable. I can't find something Morrocan except one neighbor here.
I envy you!


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