Thursday, 27 April 2006

Brussels in bloom

While I was in Libya, the cherry-blossom front (sakura zensen) reached Brussels. Apart from tree-lined suburban streets, we mostly have isolated trees here, not the masses you can see in parks in Japan - but they are still very pretty. These ones are brightening up the office buildings in Square de Meeûs.


At 28/4/06 05:29, Blogger boo said...

lovely tulips

At 28/4/06 14:46, Blogger Dakota said...

Lovely pictures. The trees in my garden are getting ready to bloom too….. finally :)
They are really late this year

At 28/4/06 17:13, Blogger miki said...

Wow,c'est super!

At 29/4/06 20:45, Blogger Mridula said...

I love the Tulips! Another exotic flower for me.


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