Sunday, 29 October 2006

All quiet on the Western front

That is because I am on the Eastern front at the moment, forgot to say I was off to Bangkok, where I am writing this (struggling with a qwerty keyboard), then Laos and Cambodia. Back on 11/11.


At 29/10/06 14:31, Blogger Sabine said...

...and here I am getting all excited 'cos I'm going to spend 5 days in London... You're sooo lucky to get to see the world! :)

At 30/10/06 04:26, Blogger b o o said...

bangkok is hot! more fluids. see u when u get back with pictures :)

At 30/10/06 16:12, Blogger Miki said...

Wow! I am looking forward to see your report on Laos and Cambodiaļ¼

At 4/11/06 04:24, Blogger Luz said...

Have a nice trip in exotic Bangkok. Can't wait to hear all about it!


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