Monday, 16 October 2006

Gorging in Ghent

Had a lovely day in Ghent on Friday, most of it eating and drinking, although we made up for it a little by walking halfway around the city on the way back to the railway station. In particular, we had a very good lunch (thanks, L.!) with scrumptious desserts at the Ghent branch of the trendy restaurant Belga Queen.

Despite being a very upmarket sort of place, the English version of the menu clearly hasn't been checked by a native speaker, so it offers such gems as "cuckoo from Malines" ("coucou de Malines" being a type of chicken) and "lightly smoked piglet chops" with "chips horn" (cornet de frites, or chips in a paper cone) - illustrated in the photo.

Curiously, the English
menu on the website, which I recognise as being the one from Brussels, is OK, so presumably the Ghent operation didn't check what had already been done by the Brussels one but sent its own translations to its own printers.

Apart from other aspects of its design, for which the Brussels branch has won prizes, Belga Queen is (in)famous for its clear glass toilet doors. These become opaque upon locking, provided that the occupant turns the handle several times - which apparently some find difficult, leading to numerous complaints (about loos with views??).


At 16/10/06 09:46, Blogger Dakota said...

LOL! Great toilet doors :) I love them. I also love the dessert! That must have tasted quite yummy. It looks delicious :)


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