Thursday, 7 September 2006

Musical notes on boats

Today I very much enjoyed a lunchtime concert given, in the context of the Klara Festival, by a Belgian-Turkish singer, Melike, and mixed Turkish-Flemish band led by her Iraqi husband Osama Abdulrasol. It was held on a barge next to the Kaaitheater, on Brussels' Canal du Midi, and the curiously precise starting time of 12.05 turned out to be due to the fact that these concerts are broadcast on the radio, and so start when the news, which we had to listen to first, finishes.
Conditions were unfortunately not ideal for photos..

I found out that they are performing again at the Vooruit in Ghent on Wednesday 20 September (Melike studied at the Ghent conservatoire), so I might, depending on evening classes that I haven't yet decided on, try to see them again there. It would be nice to enjoy the music without the seat lurching occasionally with the wash of passing vessels!


At 17/9/06 12:00, Blogger eri said...

The concert sounds like good!


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