Monday, 14 August 2006

Tapis de fleurs

Well time seems to have flown by while I've been too busy/lazy/bogged down in not very exciting activities to have even thought about blogging. However, I did go to see the biannual (assuming that means every 2 years and not twice a year!) carpet of flowers in the Grand' Place. This view is from the first floor of the café La Brouette, looking towards the Maison des Ducs de Brabant. The stars revolve, which I think is a bit tacky but at least the lovely flowers (begonias grown by the huge Belgian houseplant industry, based around Ghent) brighten up the grey days we have been having lately - we are paying for the July heatwave by having November in August!


At 14/8/06 16:58, Blogger Sabine said...

That's really beautiful! They did something similar - on a smaller scale - in front of our parish church on the occasion of the village feast. There's a small photo here:
Pity I have none of my own!

Good to see you're back on the blog... I started wondering what had happened to you! :)


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