Friday, 23 June 2006

Japanese at your convenience

I was only looking at this because I was thinking I should "attack" Japanese again one of these days - having forgotten what little I once struggled to learn! Only in Japan...


At 23/6/06 01:53, Blogger Stu said...

I really don't get the "public humiliation as a sport" thing. Strange nation :)

Interesting that it's subtitled in Chinese, too!

At 23/6/06 09:06, Blogger Dakota said...

I’m with Stu on this. The Japanese have a strange sense of humor.

At 24/6/06 09:08, Blogger m said...

It's very terrible TV program, I agree with you both.
However it doesn't mean all Japanese love this kind of humour.
In fact even in America, there are terrible TV programs, too.

At 24/6/06 10:55, Blogger qaminante said...

Stu, yes it is kind of them to have done that for you, isn't it?!
Midoli, yes of course each country has its own terrible TV programmes (Jerry Springer...) but I find it fascinating that they are all terrible in their own ways! I don't like all British "humour" either, as it happens, for example I can't understand how it is that the French adore Benny Hill.


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