Friday, 9 June 2006

If music be the food of ... err, something

What to do about annoying restaurant websites that insist on playing you THEIR choice of music when you might already be listening to your own (in my case, Turkish pop music which I am pretending is the same as studying), without providing a "no music" button; and then insist on flinging their choice of arty photos all over your screen, with no "skip intro" button; and then after you've waited patiently to get to what you assume is going to be the useful bit - like THE MENU - tell you the rest is "under construction"??? I am sure it takes time to complete an all-singing, all-dancing website, but as they are promoting themselves in several magazines at the moment, you would have thought they would start with the useful stuff. As it is, all you get - eventually - from this one, beyond the intended message "we are cool and trendy", is address, phone number and closing day.
I think we should have an "annoying website of the week/month/year" award.


At 10/6/06 20:54, Blogger wanderingthinker said...

I want to be a member of the jury. I'm a big fan of websites full of Flash animations, music and pop-ups. But, you shouldn't try to find the phone number of the customer service department.


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