Thursday, 1 June 2006

On the tiles in Dubrovnik

At ground level you have to look quite hard for signs of the devastation of Dubrovnik during the 1991-92 siege by the Yugoslavian (Serbian and Montenegrin) Army, when more than 200 people died and 632 were injured. You would hardly know that the white marble Stradun - main street - is completely new or that 70% of the buildings were damaged by bombs, grenades and shrapnel (pictures of war damage on here). But from the city walls, you can see how many of the buildings have had to be restored from the difference between those with brand new red tiles and those with older, weathered ones.


At 1/6/06 13:35, Blogger boo said...

those are nice contrasting shots :)

At 1/6/06 17:21, Blogger Dakota said...

I remember the devastation (from the TV). So glad to see they have restored it beautifully :)


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