Friday, 26 May 2006

Montenegro islands

I visited Montenegro two days before the referendum on separation from the federation of Serbia and Montenegro, which was carried with 55.5% of the votes, when the minimum for separation to become effective had been fixed at 55%! This reinforces a Croation joke I heard, according to which Serbia will have to change its name to Nokia - because every year it brings out a smaller version! No wonder Serbia is contesting the result, as it stands to lose this stunning coastline and the tourism that goes with it. In fact, it won't have ANY coastline at all...
This is the beautiful bay of Kotor.
This (on the left) is the tiny island of St. George, reached by boat from Perast.
And this is the view from the window of the bathroom of the restaurant "Under the Olives" on St. Stephen's island (Sveti Stefan) - not really an island because it is connected to this beach by a causeway)!


At 28/5/06 07:33, Blogger miki said...

The second photo looks like a view of Japan. Croatia is so beautiful country,I didn't know it. Thank you!


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