Friday, 2 June 2006

And all that jazz..

Here's a nice mixture of franglais together with the French expression "tout ce qui bouge", that I would find difficult to translate accurately into English: "'Ceux Qui Marchent Debout' sont six musiciens dont le répertoire est composé de tout ce qui swingue, tout ce qui groove et tout ce qui bouge."" Literally, "'Those who Walk Upright' are six musicians whose repertoire consists of everything that swings, everything that grooves and everything that moves". It doesn't help that "groovy" and "happening" sound so dated in English now. But if it's swinging, groovy and happening, it's "in" (CQMD's repertoire, at least).

This reminds me of an Italian friend's complaint about English words used in Italian: she was thrown when a friend phoned to invite her to "a pening". Of course, what she had heard as "una pening" was in fact "un happening"!


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