Thursday, 20 July 2006

It must be the heat

I am feeling so lazy. Well I am lazy, so nothing new there, but my brain seems to have gone soggy with the heat, I'm finding it hard to concentrate on anything and frequently have to re-read the same paragraph several times as I'm not taking things in. I'm not doing anything worth blogging about, so here is my favourite Brussels mural - which I have to re-shoot on a day/at a time when the streetlamp doesn't throw such an ugly shadow over it. I was reminded of it by the cover of today's "The Bulletin" which features an illustration by Philippe Joisson (google asks me if I don't mean Philippe POISSON!!) that reminds me of this mural - though perhaps only because there is a tram in it! In fact it would seem there often is, I don't think I'd better show the illustration from The Bulletin for copyright reasons, but it's not unlike this other drawing of his, if not quite as colourful. Anyway, this mural in rue des Bogards, off rue du Midi, isn't by him, but by Dupuy & Berberian, and the subject is "Monsieur Jean", who I take to be the chappy in the pink jacket. I'm not very well up on Belgian comic-strips but I do like coming across these murals in unexpected places all over the city.


At 20/7/06 18:02, Blogger Stu said...

I've got that reading/re-reading thing too. My mind just wanders off after the first 3 lines of any paragraph.

At 20/7/06 22:52, Blogger Dakota said...

My brain is acting up too. I can’t concentrate, can’t create a decent thing or blog post…’s one hot nightmare at the moment ;)

I love the mural :)

At 21/7/06 19:28, Blogger miki said...

To be honest,I am lazy,too. I confessed!

At 11/8/06 05:49, Blogger Luz said...

And the dog days of summer continue! I'm still in my hibernation mode!


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