Tuesday, 10 July 2012

The concrete coast

Went to the Belgian coast to visit a friend, and spend a happy afternoon riding up and down on the Coast Tram, which runs the entire length of the (extremely built-up) coastline, largely between buildings but for about 5 minutes, between sand dunes, and another 10, in front of the apartment blocks, next to the sea. It is supposed to be the longest tram route in the world, covering (for the price of a €5 "day card") a route of 65 km beween De Panne in the South, just across the border from Dunkerque in France, and Knokke in the North, which runs up to the border with the Netherlands.

Beach huts at Wenduine

Wenduine (and a good illustration of just how built-up the Belgian coast-line is)
Looking toward De Haan

Coast Tram, Northbound
Tram station at De Haan
De Haan

The pier at Blankenberge


At 11/7/12 07:19, Blogger Mridula said...

It looks so beautiful and minus people!


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