Monday, 16 April 2012


I'm being very remiss in (not) keeping up with blogging, my excuse is some unexpected events and health problems: not yet resolved but I am grateful that the worst possibilities have been ruled out. What I didn't report on:

1. Trip to London in January, to meet up with an Australian friend who was passing through, and eat nice food - which I forgot to photograph - with a London friend (in particular at Nopi). And visit my favourite bookshop, Daunt's in Marylebone High Street.

2. Europalia Brazil has finished - and I didn't go to any of the exhibitions! I did go to the Club Brasil, which during Europalia China was a Chinese tea room (I can't find my photos of the outside of the building, but there's one here that is much better than mine). It took several attempts to get inside as it seemed to be always closed; but on the day I finally managed it, there were no lights on - the red glow is from terrace-style heaters - and nobody at the bar so I left without sampling so much as a coffee, let alone caipirinha!

3. A red crocodile appeared in February outside the Cinquantenaire Park: no idea why, but it was supposed to have been removed on 1 April and it's still there..! It's called "Born Wild", by a French sculptor, Richard Orlinski, and you can buy one if you want.

4. Valentines Day - the usual adaptations to traffic lights.

5. There was a cavalcade of antique trams in my street on 25 March, to celebrate the re-opening of the renovated tram museum.

6. Brusselicious - in the context of this year-long series of events, it was announced that food-related "sculptures" would be appearing around town. This is the first one I have seen, located next to the mythical "Maison Antoine" that has served frites to the Rolling Stones, among others.


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