Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Back from Blighty

Managed to get back from London despite the best efforts of Eurostar (services cancelled on the day I was due to travel back with them - and I was lucky to get there on Friday when a later train got stuck in the tunnel for 12 hours!) and British Airways (which luckily called off a proposed strike but flight was delayed for nearly 4 hours, 3 spent waiting in the plane for de-icing..)!

I went there mainly to see the exhibition "Maharaja - The Splendour of India's Royal Courts" at the V&A, which ends in London on 17 Jan but will then be going to Munich. I heartily recommend it especially to anyone who likes jewellery - I thought the most stunning item on display was the emerald belt of Maharaja Sher Singh, on loan from the Royal Collection: the photo here doesn't really do it justice, each of the emeralds is the size of a small bar of soap! I hate to think what any Indian visitors felt about the amount of loot on display that was basically snaffled by the East India Company. Anyway, I was reminded that one of these days I must go to Doha to visit the Museum of Islamic Art, which must have a stunning collection of Mughal jewellery, from what I have seen on loan at this exhibition and a previous one in Antwerp.

Photography wasn't allowed at the exhibition, but elsewhere in the museum I was rather taken by this Victorian "powder room":

The tiles incorporate the logo of the V&A plus crown, lion and unicorn which presumably refer to Queen Victoria

and an installation in the courtyard (John Madejski Garden) called "Mirror Mirror", by Jason Bruges Studio (more pics here).


At 24/12/09 05:51, Blogger Mridula said...

While reading this post I was exactly thinking that sounds like things from my part of the world :P


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