Thursday, 2 August 2007

Cool stuff

I'm going through an acquisitive phase at the moment (I think it has something to do with compensating myself for having to go back to work this Autumn!), but I can't quite justify acquiring these:

Cute webcams by Eric Zhang

Golf theme flip-flops (known in French as "tongs", btw!) by Reef - only for guys, apparently.

Pretty (useless?) glasses, designed for an Antwerp fashion show; I wonder if one can actually see through them!


At 2/8/07 16:51, Blogger Dakota said...

OMG, the webcams are so cute! Go on, buy one!

At 3/8/07 05:08, Blogger b o o said...

i love the useless glasses

At 6/8/07 15:07, Blogger Andre Veloux said...

Love the webcams. Like you say you can't justify buying another webcam even ones as cool as that.


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