Monday, 18 June 2007

Visit to La Hulpe

Above, the Ch√Ęteau Solvay (my country house, doncha know?!); below, the nearby Folon Foundation. I've always liked the rather childlike images of Belgian artist Jean-Michel Folon, especially the water colours, the huge mural ("Magic City") at Montgomery metro station, which I used to see every day, and the animated works like the one on the home page of the Foundation itself and the one that a French TV channel shows at the beginning and end of transmission, in which the letters of Antenne 2 turn into figures that get up and fly away. I'm not quite so fond of his sculptures, this one is at Brussels Airport.


At 18/6/07 17:20, Blogger b o o said...

that sculptured person has a BIG hole in him.

At 15/7/07 07:08, Blogger Luz said...

I was thinking it was the tail from a mermaid!


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