Saturday, 19 May 2007

Blog Break

Sorry, didn't realise how time had flown while I wasn't enjoying myself! I haven't been well since 1 May and have done/seen nothing worth blogging about. Hope to be back up to speed by next month.


At 21/5/07 11:15, Blogger b o o said...

aww, feel better soon Q. sending you a positive feeling pack.


At 21/5/07 14:51, Blogger Dakota said...

Enjoy your break. I hope you'll feel better soon.

{{Take care!}}

At 26/5/07 20:41, Blogger wanderingthinker said...

Get well soon, I'm going to miss your travel reports...

I send you a lot of positive vibes.

At 5/6/07 20:54, Blogger Andrew said...

Come back! Loved your blog and really enjoyed the pictures.

Now go Ice Fishing


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