Saturday, 16 June 2007

The hydrangea rides again

My friend D. is a huge fan of hydrangeas (hortensias in French) and I went with her last month to a garden show near Ghent to visit one of the main dealers in Belgium. I found their display a bit surreal, as they had chosen to illustrate their colour selection using dresses on headless dummies.

My favourite things at the show were the robot lawnmowers, I know there is a similar type of vacuum cleaner which I hanker after for my apartment, although I don't suppose I shall ever have one as the cost is ridiculous. I was also amused to see the ticket collectors had propped their refreshments on the bases of the urns flanking the entrance.


At 17/6/07 00:29, Blogger Stu said...

Those dummies really appeal to me. Maybe I'm a surrealist :)

At 18/6/07 17:22, Blogger b o o said...

my mother loves hydrangea. i get a pair for her Buddha every month, they last that long, and in this warm weather too. all for $15 singapore dollars. great no?

but those dummies are creepy. stu is a strange strange man.


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