Thursday, 16 November 2006

Last of Laos

This Buddha statue was in Vientiane. They have very interesting noses!

The frangipani is Laos' national flower.


At 16/11/06 07:18, Blogger b o o said...

in south east asia, the frangipani is known as the flower of the death. legend has it that if u smell its fragrance at night, it means someone has passed on *creepy*

At 17/11/06 06:20, Blogger Luz said...

Two lovely photos!

At 17/11/06 14:47, Blogger qaminante said...

That's interesting, boo, I was just asking Miki about that sort of tradition in Japan as she put up a photo of chrysanthemums which in Belgium are associated with the Day of the Dead, 1 November, when people here put them on family graves. English people don't have such associations and have to be told not to take chyrsanthemums to dinner parties for their Belgian hostess!

At 28/11/06 22:58, Blogger Pooja Aggarwal said...

The picture of frangipani looks very similar to the Plumeria in Hawaii. Are they different names for the same flower?

Nice blog.

At 29/11/06 09:41, Blogger qaminante said...

Apparently so, yes ( - and thanks!


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